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"When most Americans think about teachers, we don’t imagine mediocre or average minds ingrained with pedestrian prejudices"

"Was the August 9th death of Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson a “killing” or a “murder”? Have the three (and growing) weeks of demonstrations since Brown’s death by the people of Ferguson constituted a “protest,” a “rebellion,” or an “uprising”? Are the people who have traveled from elsewhere to join in the Ferguson demonstrations “solidarity protesters” or “outside agitators”? The answers to these questions will ultimately shape how this conflict is remembered"

"So what happens when the torrential force of the party is redirected towards the cause of health and self-improvement?"

"Football has evolved beyond the stage where culture is packaged and sold back to the population that created it. It has become a sport of science fiction, one that inhabits a world that only exists on television and bears little resemblance to any nonprofessional activity"


speaking at Improving Reality 2014: Visibility Is a Trap today. i’ll be doing a lightning round speeding through some of my thoughts on how we can use Foucault’s famous declaration to examine the trappings of social media visibility. if you want to read more in-depth about what i’ll say, here are some links:

on social media providing a “documentary vision”, fixating the present as always a potential future past

and how temporary social media fights against this common, nostalgic gaze

on social media realizing Foucault’s worry in The History Of Sexuality of making us too fixated on our identities, on our selves as selves, and rethinking social media away from the profile, and how visibility doesn’t need to be just trapping, but also pleasurable 

on the idea of digital dualism, seeing the on and offline as separate 


Metahaven at their cheekiest.


Metahaven at their cheekiest.

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